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Hello! Welcome you to our website! This section contains information about me, about my work and some autobiography.


Олег Любарский

 Many people I have known under the nickname «Truno», in life and on the passport Lubarsky Oleg. As a professional photographer, I started my career in 2008 at one of the clubs portals. Gradually tastes changed, and I wanted to capture not only the club was taken, and the other events taking place in my favorite city of St. Petersburg. This was facilitated by entering the portal, covering all cultural, secular and club life of my city. Now I am a staff photographer portal


During his short career managed to capture a few seasons of major events such as: Global Gathering, Sensation, Pink Bank, Defile on the Neva, Transmission, Beauty on the Neva, Aurora Fashion Week, Youth Day, World Drum & Bass, etc.


Periodically get my picture in print, here are some magazines, where you can see my pictures: Dress code, Business Petersburg,, I buy expensive pleasure, Chief Time, Fine magazin, tne Printed Blog, FACECONTROL.


Just my pictures can be seen on the banners of the shop "the men" and the Moscow department store.


In early 2011, won in the category of The Best Eyes Nightparty 2010 (Best eye club parties 2010) (Release: The Best Awards)


He has participated in several exhibitions:


Art Hall «POLIGRAF» - «21 Grams" - Exhibition and Promotion of Contemporary Art. "

GALLERY «PERZZY» - «" Zoom On. "Club Exhibition of Photography"

National Library - "The geometry of the city", exhibition of photographs of the city of St. Petersburg, 51 of the 13 works belonged to me.

More information about them can be found by entering information about them in Google.


In general, the main ridge for me, of course, also a sequential shooting, but I also rented personal photo shoot in any genre of shooting. For me the important thing is to create a positive environment when shooting in order to disclose the internal characteristics to shoot me, man. The most important thing in many ways not the composition or image processing, the main thing is, what emotions are experienced by people when they look at their photos and pictures of people close to them, can you feel the same features of the person, as in life.